This article from our blog can help you create your perfumes online with lavender. Combine Lavender/ Rose/ Geranium/ Vanilla in a mythical and timeless accord.

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As I like to repeat, the art of perfume seems so close to music, painting and so many other artistic disciplines, that sometimes it only takes an exhibition to give us inspiration.
I remember that of the painter Sonia Delaunay about contrasts in painting. I thought: it’s exactly the same in perfume art.

Lavender is fresh, aromatic, fiery at the head and then “sweet” along evaporation …
When you create a perfume, if you are looking for movement, contrast, then combine it with rose or geranium (also bergamot note) because these notes are in “opposition” and create contrast and movement… Combine for example the following compositions : Bergamot/ Lavender/ Rose or Geranium.

See my tutorials on this site:

If you are looking for a fresh contrast between lavender and vanilla sweetness, then combine Lavender and Vanilla compositions. This is the wonderful idea of Caron «Pour un homme » Perfume

And finally, if you combine the all compositions :
Bergamot/ Lavender/ Rose or Geranium/ Vanilla this is even more «beautiful». It is the accord of the perfumes known as «Fougère» (name of «Fougère Royale de Houbigant, 1882)”.
This emblematic perfume gave a long lineage, «Pour un Homme» by Caron, but closer to us, «Brut» by Fabergé (respected by the profession) or «Le Mâle» by JP Gaultier (Francis Kurkdjian).

So, good luck, good creation…
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Marina Jung Allégret
ABC of perfume.