Our remote perfume trainings (3 Hours each)

Wherever you are, in Paris, in France, abroad; you can now train yourself or update your knowledge of creating, evaluating or selling perfume.

You receive at home the samples and the material to create your perfumes.

Together, on Zoom, Teams… we learn to smell the raw materials, to describe them and then to create perfumes by combining the raw materials according to a unique method. Exercises and answers are provided to ensure that you use the correct vocabulary.

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Sensory expertise and sales

Because olfaction is the sense of the imagination, this training uses smell, but also vision and “touch” to impart learning. Thanks to our olfactory card, you can easily access the creation of perfume. A unique method that has been proven for 10 years in our workshops.

Atelier Parfum BD 54

Classic expertise and sales

Because perfumery has its codes, its history, this training emphasizes learning the fundamentals of perfumery. Cologne, oriental, cyprus … you learn the main families of perfumes; you learn to find your way and acquire a professional vision …

marina jung abc du parfum paris perfume creation workshop

Oral expertise and sales

Because perfumery is an art and has its codes, its language, this training teaches the creation of perfumes and the professional vocabulary to describe the facets, style, evolution of perfume through evaporation …

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The 3 courses are independent and complementary and do not require any prior knowledge.

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