Create your perfumes with Rose, the possibilities are endless…


Are you tired? the rose will give you the desire to feel, create, work…

Smell a rose, a perfume on this theme, reworking an “accord” and everything comes back, the light, the smile…

ifyou’ve lost your inspiration, go back to nature. Regarding the rose, what “She” offers is prodigious; more than two hundred molecules contained in its petals. I still can’t believe it.

Let’s go into it ; 70% of alcohols that certainly smell the flower but also molecules with green «notes» (rose oxide), pear, lychee (the same components that are found in the grapes and white wines of Alsace), a fruity facet (damascones), the eugenol conferring a “clove” aspect, also present in the spice… By the way, see how nature makes and uses the same molecules to create different essences…

In short, the rose is so rich, it has so many facets, that it gives rise to an infinity of possible creations.

  • You want the flower in the context of a garden? Add some GALBANUM Composition.
  • You want to go back to the origins and create an oriental rose? Bring VANILLA or SANDALWOOD composition.
  • You want her in all her strength, her character? So make an Accord «Rose, Patchouli, Mousse», timeless idea of the famous «Coriandre» de Jean Couturier but also «Aromatics Elixir», Diva, Jean Marc Sinan, Coco Mademoiselle etc.
  • You want sweetness? Combine ROSE to vanilla, iris, musks… As in Trésor and all its fruity, woody, amber variations.
  • Longing for a return to childhood? Create a Blackcurrant/ Rose/ Raspberry/ Iris perfume ?

The rose is eternal, timeless, it is a classic, a subject of infinite creation, a sure reconciliation.

So this week I propose you to play with our ideas that you will find on our site under KIT CREATION:

Flowers in a garden: Galbanum/ Rose/ Peony/ Lily of the Valley

fruity: Cassis/ Rose/ Raspberry

Sweet : ROSE / / VANILLA / Iris /Musc

Contrast & STRANGHT : Rose / Patchouli /OAKMOSS

All our COMPOSITIONS and FORMULA in free access by clicking on: & tutos : et YouTube / “abcduparfum” in the search bar. And don’t forget to like and subscribe…

So, good LUCK for CREATION… See you next week.

Marina Jung Allégret


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