ABC Perfume – 7 samples pack


7 samples from the collection. 7 times 5 milliliters each, i.e. 35 milliliters of perfume

7 times 5 milliliters each, i.e. 35 milliliters of perfume That’s why we suggest you find the perfume that suits you by trying those from our collection.

Cologne, florals, sea fragrances, amber, chypres… they cover all olfactory families. One of them is bound to match your personality.

Vous devez acheter au minimum 1 unités pour acheter ce produit

Olfactory description of the perfumes in our collection:

  • “A Cologne” is the classic revisited: Citrus freshness contrasting with orange blossom and lavender, Cologne is the ultimate unisex and timeless fragrance. Here, a touch of ginger and white amber give it a vibrant trail.
  • “Just about Jasmine” This is the theme of modernized jasmine: Rich, opulent but airy, sweet and spicy. A sparkling, scintillating and sensual fragrance.
  • “A tea in the garden” is the scent of nature lovers: Plant-based freshness mingling with bergamot, peony and a woody touch of cedar in the background.
  • “Just about Ocean” is an invitation to travel … Mandarin and fresh mint are the start, while the scent warms up with marine notes and spray. We keep on the skin the sensation of a breath between sea and sun.
  • “A Rose quite simply” is a meticulous work on “the flower with a thousand facets”. Green, spicy, fruity … A reinvented rose, interpreted its complexity.
  • “Ambre soir” is built on labdanum with a warm and sensual scent. Contrasted with fresh spices and slightly vanilla in the background, “Ambre soir” is a mixed, rich and enveloping fragrance.
  • “The Emerald Forest” is Cyprus par excellence; fragrance with a strong personality combining rose, green patchouli and oakmoss. A “racy” fragrance for a woman of quality …




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